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Community Services and Employee Welfare

The Dassanayake Walauwa Plantation legacy was built on evaluating both, business and benefits to the community.  It has always considered the employees as part of the business and given a high priority to assure their economic and social well being. As a result, the Dassanayake Walauwa Plantation has earned the respect of employees and community, as a whole.



  • Award of Scholarships to dependant School Children of our employees
  • Award of School Items to School Children of the employees.
  • Encourages the children of employees to attend school without a break.
  • Refrains from deploying of Children under 18 years of age as employees.


  • Provides complete Dwelling Complex consisting of full facilities for the employees.
  • Renders financial assistance to employees for their family bereavements, social functions and provide our company Human Resources to render assistance for their funeral arrangements, etc.
  • Provides grants to employees on their grievances, emergencies and distress.
  • Provides recreational facilities and excursion outings to employees
  • Conducts counselling workshops, as when needed, to educate employees on effective household income management and investment for a better living.
  • Conduct workshops to employees on importance of Personal Hygiene and Physiology, Illness, Accidents, etc.
  • Up to end of year 2014, six families of cinnamon processors of our organization have been provided with permanent houses for dwelling.
  • Allocation and contribution of essential services to 2004 Tsunami victims for 12 months by intervention of the Managing Director endowed through his factory.
  • Coordination and devotion by the Managing Director as Sri Lankan Director of Aurora Tsunami Orphanage Appeal Charity Trust, a Charity Organization in England which launched a Housing Project consisting of 42 permanent houses to 2004 Tsunami victimized families.