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Industry Compliance


Service provided to upgrade the Industry

Traditionally, the way cinnamon was processed was by “sitting and keeping on ground”. There was a very little respect and comfort provided to the Cinnamon Processor (then Cinnamon peeler). Recognizing this social inequality and the food safety gap, Managing Director of Dassanayake Walauwa Plantation motivated to change this culture and working pattern of the Industry.  In 2001, he established the first Cinnamon Processing Factory with GMP requirements (“Wadiya to Factory”). This establishment achieved the GMP certification in 2005. With this revolutionary change, the dignity of the Cinnamon Peeler was elevated. Today, the Cinnamon Peeler is called “Cinnamon Processer’.

Also, he introduced new innovative methods of deviating from the traditional ground seated peeling method. For that purpose, he innovated and introduced a novel Scraping Bench, Drying Rack and Quill Making Table to the Industry.


Services provided to GTZ for PMSME Program

In 2007, a project commenced to develop eight cinnamon processing factories to achieve HACCP certification to meet international market requirements. This project was financed by the German Technical Corporation (GTZ) under the Promotion of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (PMSME) Project.  Presently, these factories function under the name as U-10 CCC (Pvt) Ltd. Two leading exporters and six other large scale cinnamon growers comprise this organization.

In implementing this project, GTZ consulted the Managing Director and used the Dassanayake Walauwa Plantation Model Cinnamon Processing Factory as the referral in designing and constructing these U10 factories.

In this project, the Dassanayake Walauwa Plantation voluntarily provided training to cinnamon planters and factory owners with their employees on achievement of quality certification and food safety compliances under HACCP and ISO 22000: 2005 quality system. In this training module, personnel were trained on the use of all necessary implements, tools and techniques in the manufacture of Cinnamon. Introductions were made to Scraping Benches, Quill making Tables, Drying Racks, and Processor’s Tree-holding Rests, which are the innovations of the Dassanayake Walauwa Plantation. Managing Director also instructed the selected prospective proprietors on construction specifications following the requirements of ISO 22000:2005 standards.

As a token of appreciation for the voluntary service provided to this project by him, he was felicitated by the U10 Company entrepreneurs in May 2008.

Training and Seminars


  • Provided training on GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000:2005 standard certification requirements and management applicable to cinnamon producers to achieve certifications.
  • Provided training to cinnamon growers on quality management in supply chains from cultivation to packaging.
  • Provided training to cinnamon producers on factory premise construction and maintenance according to GMP, HACCP, and ISO certification requirements.
  • Provided Seminars and field days to local and foreign visitors, Export Agriculture Department personnel and other state agency staffs, and plantation managers on GAP applications to enhance productivity.
  • Provided Services in 2013 as a National Expert under the project on “Enhancing the compliance, productive capacities and competitiveness of the Cinnamon value chain in Sri Lanka” a joint venture project implemented by UNIDO, STDF – WTO and The Spice Council of Sri Lanka.



The Chairman of Sri Lanka IFEAT Committee Mr. Dr. Devapriya Nugawela made a request to Mr. Wijitha K. De Zoysa Jayatolleke, the Managing Director of Dassanayake Walauwa Plantation to arrange 2015 IFEAT Conference Field Trip Visit at Dassanayake Walauwa Plantation.  Sri Lanka IFEAT Committee had intended to visit the Model Cinnamon and Pepper plantations, FSSC 22000 Standard Certified Model Cinnamon Processing Factory and the ancestral Walauwa residence of Dassanayake Walawwa Plantation.

Mr. Sarada De Silva, Hon. Past Chairman of the Sri Lanka Spice Council, possessing a wealth of experience as a professional in the Cinnamon Industry of Sri Lanka and who also provided Mr. Jayatilleke with his supportive guidance in the management of Mr. Jayatilleke’s Cinnamon and Pepper Plantations, lavishly provided his valuable and voluntary services by conducting the field workshops on Dassanayake Walauwa Plantation’s cinnamon plantations for the IFEAT delegates.

Further, as a result of the request made by Mr. Jayatilleke to Mr. P.H.S. Ekanayake, Additional Regional Manager of the Sri Lanka Coconut Cultivation Board, who kindly accepted the request, rendered his valuable services voluntary by conducting the Field workshop on under planting of pepper plantations of Dassanayake Walauwa Plantation to the delegates in a professional manner

As a result of a request made by Mr.Jayatilleke to Mr. Nanda Kohona, the present Hon. Chairman of  The Sri Lanka Spice Council to obtain the services of a Resource Providers  from The Spice Council to provide educational facilities to the delegates on our first ever, the state of the art Model Cinnamon Processing Factory, Mr. Kohona very kindly released Mr. Dhammika Gunasekara, the present Hon. Secretary of The Spice Council , who rendered his valuable services voluntarily to conduct a workshop on procedure of Cinnamon processing factory. Dr. K.R. Dayananda, the Academic Representative of the Council rendered his voluntary services and conducted a valuable workshop, very specially confirmed to “Quality Characteristics of Ceylon Cinnamon”. Mr. Jayatilleke’s  elder daughter Ms. Thanuri N. De Zoysa Jayatilleke, representing herself as a 5th generation member of Dassanayake Walauwa Plantation delivered a special speech to the delegates on “Special Characteristics of the products of Dassanayake Walauwa Plantation. Mr. Jayatilleke too, as the Managing Director provided a full coverage confirmed to “Cinnamon Processing Procedure” at our Model Cinnamon Processing Factory.

As a special feature of this Field Trip Visit, the delegates participated for a visit to “Dassanayake Walauwa” residence of ancestral and historic fame of over 150 years, presently occupied by the 5th generation member of the Dassanayake family.

During this memorable visit, Mr. Jayatilleke’s second daughter, Ms. Isuri A. De Zoysa Jayatilleke, at the entrance to the Walauwa greeted and warmly welcomed the delegates and made a special introductory speech on the ancestral feature of her forefathers generation, who occupied the Walauwa and on its historic value; very rare antique collection of furniture and fittings; photographs enriched by the structural sculpture and the cultural value of the premises. Mr. Jayatilleke’s , Mrs. Kushlani de Zoysa Jayatilleke too joined us to explain the ancestral and prestigious historic value of the Walauwa residence.