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How to differentiate “Ceylon Cinnamon” from “Cassia”

cinnamon vs cassia

In International market Cassia is also traded as Cinnamon.Ceylon Cinnamon bark processes a very smooth texture and is thin and soft. Cassia, on the other hand, has a rough grainy texture and is thick and hard. Ceylon Cinnamon has a light brown or golden yellow colour while Cassia has dark brown colour.

Ceylon Cinnamon is produced in the form of “quills” filled with multiple layers of thin bark, whereas Cassia bark sticks form a “double scroll” and they resembles exactly as a “one-piece hollow tube”.

Ceylon Cinnamon has a highly fragrant odour, sweet, warm and pleasing aroma, but aroma that of Cassia is harsh and flat in taste.

It is difficult to identify the difference between Cinnamon Powders produced from Ceylon Cinnamon versus Cassia. Therefore, when buying Cinnamon Powder, it is advisable to purchase the product that identifies the actual source of manufacture and its origin.