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Cinnamon has been known from remote antiquity, and was so highly prized among ancient nations and was traditionally regarded as gift fit for Monarchs and other great Potentates. It was considered more precious than Gold. Pliny, in the first century wrote of 350 grams of Cinnamon as being in value to over five Kilograms of Silver.


Cinnamon found its primary use as an additive to food, and in the middle ages it was a status symbol for Europe’s elites and used in meals for flavour and to impress those around them with their ability to purchase a condiment from the “exotic” East.

In ancient times, the Romans believed Cinnamon’s fragrance to be sacred. Mourners burnt cinnamon in funeral pyres. Cinnamon is one of the ingredients in the Egyptian Kyphi incense blend, and was used during the mummification process.

Historically, the most important spice export of Sri Lanka has been the Cinnamon. There are records of trade in Ceylon Cinnamon in Roman times. Cinnamon originating from Sri Lanka was recognized as of superior quality and also referred to as “Sweet Cinnamon”

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