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Ceylon Pepper

Ceylon pepper

Ceylon Pepper is well known in the Global Spice Trade and enjoys a good reputation as being of superior quality.  Among the spices produced in the country, Pepper is only second to Cinnamon in terms of production volume and export.  The Botanical name of the Pepper plant is “Piper Nigrum”.  It belongs to the Plant Family “Piperaceae”.  The small round fruits are dull green in colour and become red when ripe.  The fruits formed in pendulous bunches are harvested to produce the pepper of commerce.  Pepper is produced in two main forms; Black Pepper and White Pepper.  Black Pepper, the main product, is made by drying the immature green fruits.  When dried, the fruit turns black and becomes wrinkled due to shrinkage of the outer covering.  White Pepper is obtained from ripened berries after removing the thin outer pericarp (Outer covering).  When the outer pericarp is removed, the straw coloured kernel is powdered to form white pepper which has a milder flavor than black pepper.  Pepper is marketed whole as peppercorns, broken into coarse flakes, or ground to a fine powder.