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Well Managed Pepper Plantation

A Pepper cultivation, as a viably economical Spice Crop was launched on a trial basis, 12 Years ago, by Dassanayake Walauwa Plantation for this area, after which, it was identified as a successful cultivation suitable for our plantations.  As a result of which, Pepper as an economically valued mixed crop was inter-planted by using our own Organic Fertilizer in all Coconut plantations of our organization, managed by a professional planter possessing 40 years of experience in agricultural sector, in conformity to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP); harvested and processed under a hygienic conditions. As such, while our Organization, at present caters for conducting of Workshops in our Model Pepper and Coconut Plantations to encourage the Small and Medium entrepreneurs of our District to cultivate Pepper as an economical cultivation, we also render our supportive effort towards the uplifting of their economical stature.


Dassanayake Walauwa Plantation aims to supply our own ‘Garden-Fresh Ceylon Pepper’, and also value added products such as Black Pepper Powder and White Pepper truly enriched with Flavour; Pungency; Unique Aroma; Colour and Quality to the International Trading Market spheres.