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Pepper cultivation

In Sri Lanka Pepper is grown mostly in wet and intermediate zones as mixed crops.  The Pepper plant requires high temperatures (28-35 degrees C), heavy and well-distributed rainfall, and a well-drained soil rich in humus. The plant can be grown up to the elevations of 1,200m from the Sea Level.


Pepper plant is an evergreen climbing vine having a similar appearance to that of beetle leaf plant.  The vine can grow to over 30 feet but is commercially maintained at a height of 12 feet.  The plant is propagated from vegetative cuttings, and grown in partial shade.  It is often inter-planted with shade trees, especially tree crops such as coffee and coconut.  The vines are supported on poles or trained up live trees.  In Sri Lanka, both deadwood and live supports are recommended for pepper cultivation. The common live support is Glyricidia.